Our Philosophy ~ Less is More

Sonic design is a premium car audio manufacturer in Japan, and pursue the ideal sound by the high level of technology and its originality.

Since its start, we have a consistent policy "smaller speakers, less speakers". It is the idea that instead of complex combinations of different frequency band and the diameter of the speaker, but condense the overwhelming high-performance into small diameter unit, and focus the sound source. To achieve pure original and comfortable sound in such a narrow and complex vehicle interior, we confidently believe that it is rather important to remove all complexity and design compromises.

Image the ideal concept first, and pave the shortest route to the sound that we aim. "Less Is More", Sonic Design would like to expand the possibility of car audio.

Sonic Design speakers uniqueness  ~ Enclosure system

Sonic Design enclosure system provides following advantages.

  • 1) Clear sound with reduced noise and vibration
  • 2) Shut out the sound leakage to outside
  • 3) High durability, long life guarantee

Home audio speakers are mostly inside enclosures. This is to obtain the best performance from the speaker unit.

But for car audio, it is normal to install speaker units fully exposed, with the inside door acting as a enclosure. However, doors are not designed for speaker enclosure, therefore noises and vibrations are caused by the resonance of inner body panels and trims, and the sound is tend to be not clear. And also, the sound of inside doors cause an unpleasant sound leakage to the outside of the vehicle.

Sonic Design speakers solve all these negative essential problem of normal speakers with its Enclosure speakers.

Sonic Design speakers uniqueness  ~ Micro speaker technology

For speaker unit, we developed 52mm and 77mm wide range driver unit. This size is less than ¼ of a normal 16cm speaker.

But in the Sonic Design's micro speaker unit, technological innovations such as improving the precision of the diaphragm stroke, strengthening the magnetic circuit, achieving high stiffness by die-cast aluminum frame and baffle, adopting high quality and high performance diaphragm materials, have resulted to reproduce the surprising sound which can not imagine from the size.


Car audio speaker package including bolts and couplers for easy and reliable replacement of factory speakers.
Centered on models with Sonic Design's exclusive enclosures, there are over 40 types for Mercedes Benz, Toyota, BMW and Audi cars.
Because there is no need to make new holes, cut cables or use soundproofing or vibration-damping materials, installation is more convenient and the car's appearance is not altered.



Consists of an 8-channel FIR hybrid digital processor (max.-300dB per oct.), a digital direct amplifier that can drive 8 speakers, and a top-class flash memory audio player that is WAV and MP3 compatible. With a compact body only 297 x 210 x 58mm and weighing 4kg, this is a revolutionary component that achieves superb quality from input to output.


Premium Line Speakers

The UNIT-N55 series 52mm driver module delivers music with a wide frequency range from a single unit, while the UNIT-N70 series 77mm door woofer module achieves high-definition bass reproduction by preventing sympathetic vibrations in the car body. Both are designed with high precision aluminum diecast enclosures, providing sound quality and durability much greater than conventional car speakers are capable of.

Premium Line Speakers

Casual Line Speakers

Affordably priced enclosure-integrated speaker systems designed to replace original factory 16/17cm speakers. These two-way speakers include a 77mm woofer unit that achieves clear bass reproduction and prevents the undesirable leakage of sound outside the car, and an 18 to 25mm (depending on model) tweeter unit. They also include a dedicated crossover network.

Casual Line Speakers

The Suites

Fulfilling the customer's dream for ultra high class car audio, we form a project team for each car, with technicians both designing and installing the system. The Suite 88 features a top-grade memory audio player for use with the original factory source unit. The Suite 73 provides full operability of the original source unit.

* Photos may differ from actual products.

The Suites
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